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Iulius Tax Accounting is an accounting firm from Bucharest, it is a member The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (chartered accountants). We have over 21 years of experience in accounting, accounting expertise, human resources, financial/statutory audit (external) and internal audit.. The team is made up of members The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (chartered accountants) and Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania

Clientii nostrii sunt din domenii variate: comert, prestari servicii (transporturi, medicale, publicitate, service auto), constructii, consultanta, productie (mobila, carton, plasa sarma), reciclare.

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Company Registration in Romania - Accounting - Financial Reporting - Payroll and HR - Other Services


No need to hire an in-store bookkeeper. Our qualified team will provide you with accurate records and financial reporting on a regular basis.


Through analytics and precise reconciliations, our expert accountants will provide support tailored to your business to help you make critical business decisions.

Business Consulting

With their vast industry knowledge and years of experience, our senior team members will help you to better understand your business allowing for strategic planning and continued growth.

Prepearation of Payroll Records

Processing the monthly payroll calculation, preparation of pay slips and payment orders for salaries and taxes

Preparation of Tax Return Related to Salaries

Preparation of the tax returns related to salaries and submission to the Romanian tax authorities

Human Resources

Preparation of the necessary documents in accordance with Romanian labour law, related to various employment contracts

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